Darwin Horan Colorado – An Astute Businessman With A Difference

There are very few Colorado based businessmen who are as successful as Darwin Horan. He is the CEO and president of Ventana Capital Inc, a home building and land Management Company based in Colorado, Denver. He has acquired enormous knowledge and experience in the industry.

He graduated from the Arizona State University and began working in the home building and land management industry earlier in his career. Darwin Horan was the head of the Denver Division and North Division of the Writer Homes for many years where he acquired industry experience to set up his own company – Ventana Capital Inc in Colorado.

Mr. Horan is a renowned land and property developer with more than 20 years industry experience. He has over $250 million in his portfolio of real estates managed by the company, with 18 subdivisions, over 140,000 square feet and 12,000 acres of space. He is equally the head of associated operations in several estate projects such as telecom site brokerage and water storage development. Apart from these areas, Mr. Darwin Horan has also achieved tremendously in other areas as well.

He is not only a successful businessman. In fact, Mr. Horan has interest in other things. His social life is very high with his interest in several sporting activities and other humanitarian works. He has interest in Jiu Jitsu, Fly fishing, and also enjoys coaching football. Darwin Horan supports the Nuggets and Broncos, both located in Denver.

The success rate of Ventana Capital Inc was largely due to the astute business approach of Mr. Horan. Presently, he oversees the development of the Castle Pine Parkway and the 250 acre Lagae Ranch established close to the I-25 in Colorado. He has also overseen the establishment of the 82 acre Hunter West Development based in Colorado.  There are other major standard projects he has overseen as well, including Water Front, Painted Prairie, and Sierra Ridge.

He has been involved in lots of community services. Mr. Darwin has been head of so many important positions in the Denver District including the Castle Pin eParks Authority and the Oversight Community appointment.

Under the guidance of Darwin Horan, Ventana Capital has flourished. Currently, the firm boosts of more than $150 million worth of land in Denver, an area that spans from the Fort Collins to the Colorado Springs. Mr. Darwin has been involved in several philanthropic activities in his communities as well as other places in Denver. He is also a devoted Christian as his membership with several Christian Societies shows. His shrewd business investment has led to the acquisition of additional land under contract in the region of $10 million. These lands will be developed into commercial, residential and office buildings within the state.

With the role he has played so far in helping the needy and providing an enabling environment for social benefits, Darwin Horan has established himself as one of the most respected businessmen in Colorado. He lives with his wife at Douglas County where he spends most of his time these days.


5 thoughts on “Darwin Horan Colorado – An Astute Businessman With A Difference

  1. Darwin Horan has held number of board and metropolitan district positions, including the Oversight Committee appointed by then-Denver mayor Wellington Webb and with the Castle Pines Parks Authority. He is a frequent donor of huge sums to non-profit organizations and also coaches the sports teams of children at school. He also takes pride in his membership of Christian Athletes Lifetime Achievement……………..


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  2. He has overseen the construction of over 15,000 homes as well as the development of more than 20,000 lots and entitlements of over 34,000 properties. Darwin Horan VentanaCapital Inc also heads a number of associated operations in a number of estate projects such as water storage development among others.


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    Darwin Horan has equally coached track and high school football teams in the Denver area. He also loves watching some professional sports teams such as Bronkos and Nugget in Denver.


  4. Darwin Horan has equally coached track and high school football teams in the Denver area. He also loves watching some professional sports teams such as Bronkos and Nugget in Denver……….


  5. Mr. Horan does not hoard his knowledge. Whenever time presents itself, he is always ready and willing to offer coaching and assistance to young entrepreneurs and those who want follow his footsteps and become as successful as he is. He has groomed and trained so many businessmen till date.


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